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5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Stone Fireplace Mantel For Beautiful Interiors

Stone carved pieces of fireplace mantels are undeniably the most beautiful ways of tastefully decorating a house. No matter you’re redecorating your house for holidays or just refinishing your living room for a personal cozy touch, a stone fireplace mantel will always do the trick. But before you learn a little more about what to consider while buying a stone mantel, you must also get an idea about their major benefits.

  • Stone mantels raise the bar of your interiors.
  • They come in multiple styles like Victorian and Vintage styles.
  • They can be used to store books and paintings.
  • They keep your house insulated and are fireproof.

5 Things To Focus On While Ordering A Stone Fireplace Mantel

Since stone fireplace mantels are of different kinds and styles, you should be focusing on some specific features so that you don’t end up being disappointed with the end results. The 5 most important things are listed below.

  1. Quality Of The Stone – When purchased from companies like the Philadelphia interior design, there’s no chance that you’ll be provided with a defective or substandard product. Besides, limestone is one of the best cast stones to design a mantel.
  2. Shade And Finish – Soon after you seal the design that appeals you the most, always remember to choose the shade and finish that you want. Some of the most stunning ones that are currently trending include Limestone open cast, Sahara diamond, Ash Veined Honed, and pearl honed.
  3. Request For A Sample – It is always a wise choice to physically feel the stone that you choose in order to be sure about the fineness that you want. Also, having the sample gives you an idea about how the actual finish and color will look like.
  4. Weight Of The Mantel – Stone mantels are not exceedingly heavy irrespective of what people popularly vouch for. They made of hollow stones and are much lighter. However, the design and size determine the overall weight of a specific piece. Thus, no matter you’re ordering a prefabricated mantel or customizing a new one, inquire about the weight so that it stays close to what you’re expecting in the final piece.
  5. Take The Measurements Properly – It is mandatory that you provide the manufacturer with the exact dimensions of your fireplace. In case of a miscalculation, the mantel might not fit perfectly around the fireplace. You can request a professional carpenter to make a perfect measurement or do it yourself.

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