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Some tips to clean your home

Who doesn’t love cleanliness? To secure a safe and healthy life, it is very important to stay clean and it starts from your home. A clean house is always peace to the eyes and as well as to the mind. But, due to our busy schedule, we rarely get time to take care of our house and unintentionally we make our place unhealthy to live. Hence, we will be discussing some house cleaning tips which will help you to maintain your health and hygiene as well.

  1. Start with your ceiling fan

If you can observe carefully, you will find out that your ceiling fan is covered with a layer of dust, which is very unhealthy to breathe. It affects the people with dirt allergy and also makes our breathing unhygienic. So, to clean that you need a pillowcase, dusting spray and a ladder. At first, spray the dusting liquid inside your pillowcase and then climb to the fan with the help of the ladder. Cover the blades with pillow case and start to pull it. It will pull out all the dusts with itself.

  1. Make your mattress clean and fresh

It is one of the toughest jobs to clean the mattress, and as a result of that, we tend to ignore it. And due to sheer negligence, a pile of dust gets stuck into it and makes the air dirty. But, there is a trick, which you can follow to clean your mattress. For this, you need baking soda, a vacuum cleaner with furniture attachment and some essential oil. Firstly, take baking soda (1 cup) and put it into a cup with tight lid. Then add essential oils (a few drops) to it. Shake it properly. After that, sprinkle it over the mattress and keep it for 4 to 5 hours. Finally, use the vacuum’s furniture cleaning attachment to vacuum up the baking soda. It will freshen your mattress and will clean it as well. To purchase the required items online and to get stunning deals and offers, go for Hot Oz Coupons.

  1. Clean up your tub and shower

It takes a very significant time to clean your tub by scrubbing it with soap scum for hours. But, with a simple trick, you can wash your shower or tub very quickly. For this trick, you only need a spray bottle, two parts of white distilled vinegar and 1 part of dishwashing liquid. Start with heating your vinegar in a microwave and put it into the spray bottle. Then, add the dishwashing liquid and shake gently to mix it up. Next, spray your shower and keep it that way for quite a sometime. At last, brush lightly to kick out the scum from your tub. Remember, to get the best results, let your spray sit on the tower as long as possible.

  1. Remove the Gunk from the kitchen cabinet

Well, most of the times, the kitchen cabinet accumulates a substantial layer of grime. The handles are mostly affected by it and it is very hard to remove them off. But, it is the time to combat your gunk with 1 part vegetable oil and 2 parts baking soda. Take the ingredients in a small container and mix them up with the help of a spoon. Then apply it on the cabinet with the help of a sponge, cloth or your fingers. Fingers are the best options as you can reach every nook and corner of the cabinet. Let it sit for sometimes and remove it with a damp cloth to get the optimal results.

  1. Apply steam clean to your microwave

Microwave is one of the most neglected things which need a good cleaning as it is involved with foods. So, here is the smartest way to clean a microwave. To do this, all you need is water, a spray bottle, lemon essential oil and a sponge. At first, place a wet sponge inside the microwave. After that, take a spray bottle and fill it up with few ounces of water. Then add some drops of essential oil into it and sprinkle it on each and every floor of your microwave. After that, set the timer for 2 minutes and turn it on. After turning of the microwave leave the sponge inside to make it cool enough to handle.  Lastly, use that sponge to wipe the inside of it.

So, here are some smart tips, which you can follow to make your house clean and healthy without giving much effort.

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