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Tips for Cleaning Your Outside Windows

You probably already clean your windows from the inside of your home on a regular basis, but you might not show the same attention to your windows from the outside of your home. There’s probably a few good reasons for this, not the least of which has to do with nasty weather. And yet, your outside windows still need to be cleaned regularly. Of course, the best way to ensure that this gets done well is to Google “window cleaning Ponte Vedra Beach FL” and find a good window cleaning service, but if you want to do the job yourself, here are some tips that should prove useful.

Start at the Top

When you clean your windows from the outside, you always want to start with the windows near the top floor. That way, the water that drips down when you use your squeegee won’t dirty any windows that you’ve already cleaned.

Use a Strip Applicator for Large Windows

While a squeegee and a damp cloth works great for smaller windows, a strip applicator tends to be better for picture windows. Use it much like you would use a squeegee, and be careful about oversoaking your windows as that can damage wooden window frames.

Remove Excess Water With a Soft Cloth

Speaking of oversoaking, that is a common mistake that people make. To avoid this, wring out your strip applicator after dipping it in your cleaning solution, and wipe off your squeegee blade after ever stroke. Use a soft damp cloth to remove excess water from the edges of your windows.

Don’t Rub

Finally, don’t rub your windows with your cloth when you clean them. That only leaves streaks that can make your windows look worse than they did before. Rely on your squeegee and strip applicator for most of the job, and only use your cloth on the edges of the windows.

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