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Trends in Colored Glass Sliding Door Wardrobes

Seasonally, there are new colored glass sliding doors trends that are designed to aid in creating new bedroom styles that are right on trend. Recently there are new glass finishes in the colors, soft satin stone grey; warm satin cashmere, blush and duck egg blue. These varieties means you can choose a unique style to suit your room décor.

Let’s take a dive into these colored glass trends, looking at each individually;

Satin stone grey

This classic grey glass wardrobe could yet be the perfect timeless add on to any bedroom. Its contemporary, classic touch creates a versatile quality to your room’s layout.

Satin cashmere

This luxurious satin cashmere colors is definitely a timeless trend with a stylish look. It covers a broad variety of tones such as the mild walnut shade which compliments other tones perfectly without overshadowing other colors. The trend consists of more natural shade swatches which simply mean that you can add personality to your room.

This satin cashmere glass sliding door wardrobe can be paired with mirrors as an added advantage depending on the design you prefer. This simply means that the color can be easily customized and we love it for that.

Duck egg blue

This trend is here to stay. It creates a rare personality thus adding style and unique character. This trendy color adds a warm, welcoming feel that is perfect in mix and matching with other shades that can easily complement white, silver or wooden frames.

Blush pink

This is an in-season contemporary and modern color that goes well with glass sliding wardrobe doors whilst still maintaining recent trends of warm, vibrant color combinations with neutral shades and wooden textures inclusive. This color is the perfect complement to your room.

It is a warm gentle tone that gives a warm ambience and gives the room a face-lift with its refreshing intimate detail to back ground colors. This makes it a popular trend with a subtle yet minimal tone.

Cape elm wood tone

Using this color-way to customize adds a touch of elegance whilst still maintaining contemporary trends. This color is subtle enough to be layered with a variety of tones thus making it a versatile choice. This color accommodates your room’s color by providing it with the perfect natural base.

Denim blue

This is one of the most demanded color trends in sliding glass door wardrobes. This color gives a subtle warm blue tone without being too overpowering.

White is also a recent color trend gaining popularity. A wide variety of styles and designs means there is a perfect taste for everyone in wardrobe styles. Current trends depict a preference of warm, pastel splashing colors as base colors. These colors create a background that is easy on the eye yet adding a subtly modern touch.

Every year welcomes different creative colors and must-have designs with various options worth having at your fingertips to keep you up to date to give your room the perfect look and homey feel.


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