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What is the Step by Step work of Your Architect in the Construction of Your Residential Building

This is an interesting query; clients often want to know about the systematic and step by step work of the client. Indeed, when the architecture is talked about, the architect and other technical people understand everything including the graphics and the designing etc. But what may be the client’s point of view. Does the client have an in-depth understanding of architecture? Do the graphics in the design explain everything up to the grasp of the client? Obviously no! Therefore, all details technical architectural description has to be translated into common language, so that the client understands all about his or her dream project and starts contributing maximum. Get all information regarding the architecture of your dream project from architecte Stendel + Reich. Find the step by step works of the architect in common man’s language below.

  • Gathering of information and documentation: Once the entire pre-agreement tasks like finding a suitable architecture, selection process, building of understanding, contract agreement, signing of agreement etc. the first work of the architect begins with the site visit and site analysis. The entire observation and listing of what is existing in the location have to be thoroughly documented, and the copy of the document will be provided to the client.
  • Legal Procedural investigation: The architect, after completing the site analysis goes to the competent authority with the site analysis report. He or she collects information like the category of the land proposed for the site, building codes, pre-permit procedures etc. The architect then gathers information from the client and records them. Now, the architect prepares a concrete work plan based on the information of the city or state authorities and client’s information.
  • Survey: The architect carries out a detailed survey, and based on the survey prepares a map of the site. The drawing should incorporate all details of the site and surrounding of the site.
  • Feasibility and schematic designing: The architect starts the feasibility study and the preliminary three or four schematic designing. At this stage he or she should hold several meetings with the client to understand his or her vision about the construction.
  • Final design preparation and procedure for the permit: Once agreed upon by all the stake holders including the client, the architect prepares the final design and goes for the permit.

Once the approval is sanctioned with the permit, the architect starts collecting materials for construction. When everything is ready, along with the client, the architect starts the construction of the building.

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